And when I get that feeling, I want crystal healing

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When the delicate energy structure that runs through our bodies falls out of sync, aspects of one’s life might feel out of balance. Feeling this tilt in energy can transpire as a heavy feeling in one’s body, perhaps accompanied by a string of undesirable events. There are multiple ancient techniques that are used to re-align this energy system, for example; reiki, massage, acupuncture – even walking barefoot is said to ground the body and line up the chakras. Another good way to channel these energies from the comfort of your home is by using the healing energies that are stored within the lattice of natural crystal forms, grown in the earth. Healing crystals carry with them an unbreakable natural energy that vibrates within the body’s natural processes and influences a person’s mood or health.  

Please read on to explore a few staple crystals to keep close to you on a regular basis – 

Amethyst – Deep purple in colour, this stone is as beautiful as it is powerful. Amethyst is a stone known for its calming energies and influence in settling one’s surroundings. As well as this, it was used by the ancient Greeks as a stone to aid with problems regarding sobriety – a useful stone on a multitude of levels, indeed. 

Citrine – Also described as ‘The Sunshine Stone’, this stone cleanses a space or mind of negative energy, whilst injecting mental stimulation and focus into its user. It is a stone said to be beneficial if used in the workplace due to its abilities to promote honesty and good communication.  

Quartz – Quartz is formed in a multitude of ways; each different kind of quartz carries different energies which promote different benefits.  

·          Clear quartz – Also known as ‘The Master Healer’, is prolific in its use for clearing the mind and strengthening the properties of its surrounding crystals. Clear quartz is a beneficial stone during meditation due to its strong, protective vibrations.  

·          Rose quartz – ‘The love stone’ is a crystal that generates very gentle and loving vibrations as well as offering protection and encouraging the imagination. It is not only used to promote love romantically or as part of any sort of relationship with another – but with one’s self as well. A lovely, gentle stone.   

·         Blue quartz – Said to strongly aid concentration in the mind, a useful tool for students to use! 

Obsidian – Black obsidian (known widely by Game of Thrones fans as ‘dragon glass’), offers more than just the power to defeat the white walkers! It is said to clear its users of negative energies. But proceed with caution – this may bring some buried dramas back to the forefront – ready for you to let go! Great for keeping us grounded, back obsidian provides protection and clarity. 

Moonstone – For all you witchy women out there, the beautifully iridescent moonstone is known to many as being useful in drawing out the more feminine aspects of its owner. Qualities like calmness, awareness, confidence and empathy are often associated with this stone.  

We hope this article gives you  the information you need to get started with your own little crystal garden, if you don’t already have one! 

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