Pagan Pride!

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This weekend, the streets of London will be dressed proudly in all the colors of the rainbow, in celebration of Gay Pride. As the people congregate in their masses to celebrate equality with the LGBT community, we, here at witches’ cauldron are reflecting on the progression of our faith. 

With respectful recognition of the less accepting theologies that laced pagan practice in its traditional years, such as ‘Male/Female Polarity’, we now look forward to progressive covens and practices that celebrate and support diversity within sexual orientation. There are many modern Paganistic belief systems that encourage individuals to explore their own unique paths, encouraging the acceptance of one’s self, and those around us.  

Here are five orders within paganism that put pride at the forefront of their practice. 

The Feri-tradition is a branch of more traditional witchcraft which has had a large and steady following of LGBT neo-pagan people. Both men and women are welcomed warmly as well as the order being very open to all sexual orientations, there are sources that suggest that the faith encourages a more fluid outlook on sexual orientation.  

Dianic wicca is a strand of wiccan belief that warmly welcomes female gay pagans. They focus on and celebrate their perspectives on feminism, sexism, and the re-writing of patriarchal social structures through the empowerment of women. Giving a platform for lesbian pagans to congregate in common understanding.  

Faery/fairy covens have an open acceptance of homosexuality, within this branch of faith there are entire covens built by and consisting of solely homosexual men, putting emphasis on queer spirituality. They practice marriage ceremonies for both heterosexual and homosexual couples within their ceremonies. 

The Brotherhood of Cernunnos, A UK gay Pagan Men’s Coven.

Happy pride everyone! 

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