Preserve the Planet the Pagan way.

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Pagan beliefs are historically rooted in a deep respect for nature and the natural environment that surrounds us, enriching the air that we breathe and the that ground we tread. It is unsurprising, for this reason, that many of us are delving into the origins of our religion, looking for answers, as the natural space around us deteriorates at an astonishing rate. Paganistic understandings of how the planet functions, and what we can do to live in better harmony with the earth, inspires the necessary action that we need to take to preserve the planet in the best way that we can. Below are 5 easy ways that you can contribute to saving the planet in your day-to-day life.  

  1. 1 – Be vigilant about reducing our mindless usage of single-use plastics. In the past year the country has seen a sweeping dedication to eradicating plastic straws from the daily usage of companies both large and small, as part of the widely popular ‘save the turtle’ campaign. This wonderful environmental triumph need not stop with just plastic straws! Avoid buying products engulfed in single-use plastics by buying loose veg; taking re-used bags to the supermarket; buy bar-soap, conditioner and shampoo; seek out environmentally friendly brands that work with the environment instead of against it. 
  1. 2 – It is inevitable that we will end up purchasing some products with single-use plastics, at some stage. When this happens, make an eco-brick to turn it into something useful. To do this you must simply take an old plastic bottle, along-side the rest of your single-use plastic waste and fill the bottle with the waste. It is important that the waste is clean, dry, and packed as tight as possible within the bottle to ensure it is most functional as a brick. A good way to make the waste as dense as possible within the bottle is to cut it up small and pack it down with a long implement every time a piece is added. 
  1. 3 – Use home-made cleaning products for both domestic and cosmetic purposes. This reduces the impact of harmful substances not only to the planet but to your direct surroundings and bodies. To clean your kitchen, you can use white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. To exfoliate your skin, you can use a recipe of coconut oil, dead sea salt and your choice of essential oil. To brush your teeth, you can mix coconut oil with baking soda, peppermint oil and a pinch of sea salt.  
  1. 4 – Influence natural habitats for wildlife and plants in your direct space. Fill your gardens with bird seed, and meal worms. Plant honey suckle and creeping plants to encourage the repopulation of bee’s, plants with deep or bell-shaped flowers are all especially good for this. Bee-Bombs of wildflower seeds will also encourage the population of bee’s in your garden.  
  1. 5 – Be as self-sustainable as possible, grow as much of your own vegetables and herbs as you can in the space that you have. If your living space allows it, consider keeping your own chickens, or go that extra mile to source more ethically produced animal products should you consume them. Generate electricity with solar panels. Move away from buying ready meals and make as much of your daily necessities from scratch.  

For us to walk our path on this planet without leaving a permanent scar, we must take the appropriate steps to make a change. Keep an eye out on future posts for more tips! 

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