The Cauldron is brimming!

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Our community is expanding! In recent years, more and more people have been turning away from more traditionally accepted religions and becoming re-rooted in our ancient, spiritual faith. As well as atheism being at an all-time high, organised religion across … Continued

Preserve the Planet the Pagan way.

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Pagan beliefs are historically rooted in a deep respect for nature and the natural environment that surrounds us, enriching the air that we breathe and the that ground we tread. It is unsurprising, for this reason, that many of us … Continued

Pagan Pride!

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This weekend, the streets of London will be dressed proudly in all the colors of the rainbow, in celebration of Gay Pride. As the people congregate in their masses to celebrate equality with the LGBT community, we, here at witches’ cauldron are reflecting … Continued