Medieval Dagger

Simply styled, and nicely balanced, this Medieval dagger has a rigid black plastic grip, with brushed silver metal trim to the hilt. It has a rigid, leatherette sheath, again with brushed silver metal trim. Overall length (Sheathed) approx – 16″ … Continued

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Pentacle Athame

A traditional black handled Wicca athame. The blade is stainless steel with a double edge. A pentacle decorates the blade, just below the hilt. The overall length of the Pentacle Athame is approx 23cms Link to this post!

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Scottich Dagger Athame

This has a black sheath with decorative silver coloured trim. Knife handle grip is heavy black moulded plastic, with weave design, and Scottish Thistle insignia on grip. Single edge blade is made of stainless steel and is approx. 12cm in … Continued

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Triquetra Athame

Very attractive Athame with a Triquetra decal. black grip and double edged stainless steel blade. Supplied with leatherette sheath. The overall length of the is approx 23cms, with a blade length of approx 14.5cms. Supplied with protective leatherette sheath. Unboxed. … Continued

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