Our pledge to you is to offer the highest quality Pagan, Witchcraft and Wiccan products, at the lowest prices.
We also aim to provide this to you on a website that is very user friendly and one that you don’t need bionic eyesight to browse comfortably.

Delivery is only £3.50

We are a pagan store, run by pagans, for pagans. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service as well as the experience and expertise to give information and advice about any of our product.

Magic Spirit is a UK based company, situated in the North-West but retail our products right across the UK and beyond. We have enjoyed 10 years in new age and pagan retail and one of our main ideals is to offer you our quality product at reasonable prices.

Pagan Shop

Our selection of pagan products is vast and ever expanding! Whether you are seeking aid for meditation, guided CD’s, crystals, information about other spiritual teachings or jewellery that is rooted in the origins of spiritual practice – we have what you need.

If you’re looking to gift a loved one, or if you’re simply looking to treat yourself to a special little something, we stock a myriad of pagan trinkets, from coloured candles to intricate bottles designed to keep your potions safe. From tarot cards to beautiful boxes to store your charms, crystals and essential oils, there is something here for everyone, wherever you are on your path.

Examine your curiosity upon our range of crystals! These rocks offer healing properties, consider them as gifts for friends and family as a way to show your gratitude. What a better gift than the influence of positive, healing energies.

Your one stop shop for all your magical needs…

We offer a large and ever growing selection of products for paganism. We have a selections of CDs in meditation and other spiritual teachings, crystals, and jewellery rooted in the origins of spirituality.

Pagan, and Witchcraft items, such as – candles of every color, bottles to store all those potions you’ve been making; boxes to store all those little charms, loose crystals, random essential oils and unboxed tarot cards. We have lots of different crystal sets that make thoughtful gifts and there are some collector’s editions too! Come and brows all our other interesting gifts, there’s so much more to see and so much more to come. Walk your path with us and choose special items from an ever growing range of practical and beautiful objects.

Witchcraft Shop

Magic Spirit supplies all your witchcraft needs in a timely manner; our friendly team of authentic pagan witches ensure that you receive all that you need, with as much friendly advice as we can offer. 

Our witchcraft shop boasts an array of intriguing alter ware products such as athames, wands and cauldrons – explore our site for all the ingredients you need to achieve the perfect potion and cast you magic circle. We are looking forward to meeting you! See you in the cauldron!

We sell everything you could ever need for all your witchcraft requirements. From Athames, wands and cauldrons and all the other Altarware you would ever need to cast your magic circle or walk you pagan path, right the way through to all the ingredients you may need to perform any spell or conduct any magic.

If you’re looking for a new supplier of your witchcraft products, or you are disappointed with you existing supplier who is charging you high prices, not dispatching your product in a timely fashion, or isn’t giving you levels of customer excellence you deserve, then Magic Spirit is here for you.

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