Herbs and crystals to strengthen intentions during Pisces season

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The season of Pisces is laden with emotional intuition, psychic power and creative thinking. Being the last season in the zodiac wheel, and the fact that its last days lead up the spring equinox and Ostara celebrations, it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and set new intentions moving forward into a new zodiac cycle. We are going to outline a couple of our favorite aids to help us strengthen our rituals as we set our intentions during this season.

Herbs are a great way to connect you to the season both in everyday life and in your spells and rituals. You can incorporate herbs in your cooking, as part of drinking tea, in smudge sticks and you can burn them or include them in potions to release their energies. The herbs that we love to use at this juncture in the zodiac cycle are sage and mugwort.

Sage has been used frequently throughout history as a healing herb, it gets its name for the Latin ‘salvere’, which means ‘to be saved’ and it is still used to day for its antiseptic properties. Its healing nature and the fact that its favor combines both sweet and savoury makes it a great balanced herb to move round up the astrological year with.

Mugwort starts to sprout when we first move into spring, so the end of the Pisces season is the perfect time to start using it. This is a herb that is jam packed with powerful feminine energies that compliment the energy of Pisces season perfectly. Just like sage, it has healing properties as well as magical properties, which help to strengthen us as we transition through the season. Mugwort is brilliant for opening up the bodies energy flow system, so you can use it whilst you meditate to unblock those chakras of yours. The Venus ruled herb is an encourager of self-love, compassion, the divine feminine and lunar energy. It helps us to release the untamed version of ourselves, which is helpful at this time if you are a person who struggles to let emotional sensitivity take the wheel.

The crystals that we find to be great to use during Pisces season are amethyst and rainbow fluorite.

Amethyst is a wonderful aid for opening your third eye, which helps you to see clearly through the fog, and from all perspectives, this will help you to gather a well-balanced understanding of the world around you, as well as connecting you to the spirit world and enhancing those psychic abilities. This increased connection with the spirit world with help you with your divination and other psychic practices. The stone amethyst is also a well-known protection stone, which is useful as your embrace your emotional this Pisces season, potentially opening yourself up to vulnerability.

Rainbow fluorite is a proficient stone for helping you to channel intuition, strengthening the trust that you have with yourself to enable you to confidently follow your gut and embrace your emotional strength and compassion.