Triple Moon Altar Tile


Bring lunar energy and divine feminine power to your sacred space with this Triple Moon Altar Tile. Crafted from soapstone, this tile features a beautifully detailed carving of the Triple Moon symbol, representing the waxing, full, and waning phases of the moon, as well as the maiden, mother, and crone aspects of the Goddess.

Measuring 4 inches in diameter, this altar tile is the perfect size for displaying on your altar or using as a base for candles, crystals, or other ritual tools. The smooth, polished surface of the soapstone adds a touch of luxury and mystique to your spiritual practice.

Use this Triple Moon Altar Tile to honor the cycles of the moon, harness lunar energy, and connect with the powerful feminine energies of the Goddess. Enhance your rituals, meditation, or spell work with this beautiful and symbolic altar tile made of soapstone.

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