Cobra Stand (6″)

These cobra stands are just the ticket for supporting abolone shells, shallow dishes or very large crystal balls. Cut from wood and interlinked, they fold away into a single length for storage.

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Crystal Ball – 110mm

Crystal balls are amongst the oldest aids for divination and meditation. This one really is quite something, optically perfect, and beautifully presented, quite an accolade to today’s craftsmen.

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Crystal Ball – 80mm

Add a touch of magic to your divination practice with this 80mm Crystal Ball from Pagen Shop. Made from high-quality crystal, this beautiful sphere is perfect for scrying, meditation, and enhancing your spiritual connection. Measuring 80mm in diameter, this crystal ball is just the right size for displaying on your altar or using during readings.

Crystal balls have long been used for scrying and fortune-telling, allowing users to tap into their intuition and receive guidance from the spiritual realm. The smooth, clear surface of the crystal ball is believed to help focus the mind and enhance psychic abilities.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to crystal ball gazing, this 80mm Crystal Ball is a versatile tool for exploring the mysteries of the universe. Embrace the magic and symbolism of the crystal ball as you unlock its potential for insight, clarity, and spiritual growth.

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Crystal Ball 50mm

A really nice crystal ball. Ideal for divination if you have the gift or for meditation to help you focus and relax.

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Crystal Ball 60mm

Prominent in the Middle Ages, Scryers (Fortune Tellers) revered their crystal balls, often passing them on to their apprentices.

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