18″ Open Curb Chain

18″ Sterling silver curb chain. Trigger clasp closure.

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Belcher Chain (18 inch) – Sterling Silver

These 18″ Sterling Silver Belcher chains have a more substantial look to them. They are ideal for use with the heavier pendants and are favoured for male jewellery.

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Box Chain (18 inch) – Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver box chain. Suitable for all but the really heavy pendants available in the jewellery section.

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Box Chain (20″) – Sterling Silver

A nice, tightly linked Sterling Silver chain which will take all but the heaviest of the pendants.

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Prince of Wales Rope Chain (Fine) 20″ – Sterling Silver

Twisted rope chain crafted in Sterling Silver. Approx 20″ long, suitable for all but the heaviest pendants.

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Snake Chain (20″) – Sterling Silver

>Snake chains are very close linked forming a flexible but almost solid cord. A nice quality chain suitable for all our pendants.Snake chain is crafted from Sterling silver.    

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