Why do pagans and witches need tools?

Ritual tools are not absolutely necessary for any spiritual or magical undertaking, and yet many of us are rarely without them. This could be due to how much they aid us in our workings.

Tools are symbolic, and therefore help us tap into the right mindset and energy for the magical work at hand. They also reinforce magical work, just as incenses, herbs and other ingredients do. Each is associated with masculine or feminine qualities, as well as a particular element – Earth, Air, Fire or Water. As you begin collecting your magical tools, you will find your own uses and associations for each of them. In general, athames or (ritual daggers) and wands are masculine and are used to direct energy. Besoms or brooms are used to cleanse a sacred space. Cauldrons are symbolic of the feminine aspect, sacred to Ceridwen, and mythologically linked to transformation, change and rebirth.

By acquiring your tools over time, your collection will be unique and entirely right for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive – you can make some of your tools at home.

Ultimately, your magical tools will seem like old friends. They will have witnessed and participated in your spiritual journey. They will naturally acquire your energetic signature, and you can imbue them with your essence and intention to make them even more powerful. In this way, they will strengthen your spells, and repeated use of each item in a particular way will develop your rituals – after all, a ritual is comprised of the things you do regularly, and in a certain way, to achieve the best results.

We offer a variety of pagan tools for all types of ritual work, including traditional, black-handled athames, natural, wooden-handled blades, bone-handled bolines (white herb knives), mini-besoms, and crystal-tipped wands. Choose from Egyptian, Celtic, Greek and traditional Western influences – whatever suits you and your practices best.

Consecrating your new magical tool when you receive it will cleanse it of energies that detract from you and your goals.

A Guide to Pagan Tools and their Uses:

Athame: Masculine; used for directing energy and casting a magical circle. Traditionally black-handled and ceremonial only (the blade is never used to cut physical things). Athames are associated with the element of Fire.

Besom: Whether a full-length broomstick or a mini herb besom, the purpose is the same – ritual cleansing of sacred magical space. Simply ‘sweep’ any mundane or negative energy away ceremonially.

Boline: Feminine; a herb knife which is used practically, especially in cutting or harvesting magical herbs. Usually bolines are white-handled.

Bowl: Offering bowls are customary on a pagan altar, and can be made of any material. They represent Earth and can be filled with offerings for deities or spirits such as wine or grain.

Broom: See Besom.

Chalice/Cup: The chalice represents the Goddess/feminine. Use it to connect with Water, and it’s emotional, intuitive, healing nature.

Censer: This is another name for an incense burner. Incense represents the Air element and is therefore masculine.

Cauldron: Symbolic of the Goddess, the womb, transformation and rebirth, cauldrons often take pride of place on the witch’s altar or during ceremony.

Dagger: See Athame.

Goblet: See Chalice/Cup.

Wand: Usually associated with Air, the wand is a masculine tool used for channelling and enhancing will. Some would call this the essence of magic, so it’s little wonder that the wand is the most iconic of magical tools.