Chinese Satin Purse

Small Chinese embroidered satin purses. A lovely accessory if giving crystals – or any small item – as a gift. Measures approx 7 x 5cms.

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Satin Pouch – Red (8x6cms)

Red is the colour for passion, power and money. The Chinese consider red to ba a very auspicious colour and give small gifts in red envelopes on the Chinese New year. Good quality satin pouches. Measure approx 6x8cms

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Satin Pouch – Royal Blue (8 x 6 cm)

Dark Blue is the colour associated with healing, friendship, hope and loyalty. Good quality satin pouches. measures approx 9.5×11.5cms

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Sachets and Pouches

These little baggies are perfect for making charm bags and storing your spell special litttle witchy items.