In witchcraft, we just love to write by hand! Cursive writing is an important element for many people who practice magic based faiths because the process of transferring ink from the pen to the page using our hands can be extremely ritualistic and it allows us to transfer energy from our bodies into our work. Our bodies work in tandem with our mind and our spirituality to mark important practices in our faith.

Pick up a pen and scribble your name on some paper. Take a moment to observe each bodily movement that you use to put yourself onto the paper. Your body moves in tandem with the pen, which connects with the paper and then leaves a mark. In witchcraft this mark carries the intention of whatever we are practicing. Our intentions begin within ourselves, they travel through our body and onto some paper or whatever we are writing on, resulting in our intentions existing both spiritually and physically in the world.

We each develop our own creative style and this becomes part of our individual spiritual practice. The aesthetic that we adopt when marking with writing implements can spark feelings of both joy and connection that we embrace and utilise every time that we interact with the practices of our faith.

All of these elements help us to leave an imprint of our own energy on the page, transferring a piece of ourselves into the work that we are doing. Because of this, many magical practitioners like to invest in high quality scribing materials to enhance the ritualistic experience.

Here at Magic Sprit, we stock a wide variety of traditional writing products that will help you to write beautifully and thoughtfully during your magical practice.

Try out our luxury dip pens and nibs. We stock dip pens in a range of different styles and many of the pens include the ink that you will need to make your mark. We also provide amazing sets of pen nibs separately, so you can give a couple of different pen tips a try and figure out what feels best for you in your hand.

We hold writing ink from Manuscript who are expert suppliers in calligraphy. The ink is available in all manners of vibrant colours as well as more natural tones. We also stock Anna Riva’s synthetic blood inks. These are inks that replicate the effects of using animal blood to enhance the effects of spells. Check out our shop to browse some unique bat, dove and dragon blood ink.

Leave your mark in style with our gorgeous sealing wax and sealing stamps. At magic spirit you can get your hands on sealing wax of which ever colour you desire, as well as a stunning Celtic rose sealing stamp for an extra drizzle of pagan embellishment.

The use of our writing products will help you to feel closer to your faith. Many of us witches really notice the difference in the connection we feel to our practice every time we open our book of shadows to document something new or refer back to our previous works, it looks personal, individual to us, and beautiful. The more connected we are to the creative works, the more connected we are to the spell in general.

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