A Samhain Spell

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Samhain is a time that is used to connect with your intuition, harness the knowledge of the spirit world, honor the dead and instigate a fresh start.

There are many rituals and spells that Pagans use to honour this juncture in the wheel of the year. But today we would love to illustrate a lovely, easy little renewal spell using the energy of the earth.

As October meets November, Autumn leaves are returning back to the earth, and the energy cycle of mother nature continues to move, as we enter into colder winter months. Previously, the leaves had been harnessing the nurturing energy of the earth in order to grow, flourish, and complete their life cycle.

At the end of autumn most trees prepare for end of year hibernation, so in order to preserve its energy through winter, the tree will shed it’s leaves. However, once the leaves are shed, they still have great uses in nature. The energy that they have been harnessing all year round, will slowly be reabsorbed into their surroundings.

This is the perfect time for you to use the leaf as a carrier of your intention through spell work.

This spell we are about to show you, although simple, takes a little bit of time and patience. It takes three days to complete, so we recommend starting it a few days before Samhain so that you can complete the spell on the day itself.

Bare in mind, before you complete the spell, you can customise this ritual to whatever you feel will enhance your spell work, and whatever suits you.

  1. Choose your tree

Choose a tree of significance to you, this could be because it is your favorite kind, you might feel dawn to it in some way or it could hold happy memories for you. The reasoning will make the tree sacred to you.

  • Pick up three fallen leaves

Make sure you visit the tree at a time when the leaves are falling independently, do not pick the leaves from the tree prematurely. You will then work with one leaf a day for the next three days; each leaf will represent something different. Leaf one will represent letting go, leaf two will represent growth and finally, leaf 3 will represent what you want from the future.

  • Leaf one – Letting go

Grab a paper and pen, and write down a list of things you would like to let go of. Bare in mind the things that are holding you back from growth. Whilst you do this, make contact with the leaf with your hands to fill it with your energy and intention, before taking it back to the woods, and release it into water before watching it float away. it to decay in the earth.

  • Leaf two – A celebration of growth

The second day, you want to repeat the technique from leaf one, but this time you want to focus on things that you have achieved that you are proud of – things that have helped you to grow. Before transferring as much energy as possible to the leaf whilst you think about what you have written down, you will harness the element of hair, and blow the leaf away to return to the earth.

  • Leaf three – A message for the future

For leaf three, you will write down something constructive for your future self, maybe some advice, or something that will help you when times are tough. Once you have completed the perfect sentiment for you, take yourself to a natural space that you really love. Physically connect to the space with touch, whilst repeating the sentence out loud or in your head. Once you feel as though the intention is set strongly enough in the leaf, place the leaf on the ground, ready to decay into the ground, replenishing the soil with its nutrients, as well as your intention.

When the spring comes around, the tree will be ready to rise again, as will you.