The powers of Carnelian

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Many of our witches share with us that Carnelian is one of their favorite stones. It radiates warmth, it inspires courage and it has this beautiful red colour that is especially eye-catching.

You can get Carnelian in a range of forms; raw, tumbled, a sphere or a tower, as well as different shades of reds and oranges. Our advice for choosing the right crystals is for you is to feel your way toward your potential crystal. Make a mental note of the crystals that you feel particularly drawn to, and choose the one that you feel the strongest connection with when you work with it. Carnelian is quite a common crystal and it is easy to find. So, if you are looking to get some, you shouldn’t have to look too hard in your favorite crystal shop.

Carnelian is great to use when working with or focusing on your Sacral and Root Chakras due to its grounding properties. It offers flourishes of creativity and it helps to stabilize you and restore motivation. The high frequency of the stone enables it to charge other stones, which makes it a really useful stone to keep in your collection.

It is said that warriors from past times used the stone to increase their courage on the battlefield. They wore the crystal around their neck not only because it helped them to become more fearless, but because it is said that the stone would guide them on their journey to the afterlife should they fall during conflict.

Now, most of us probably don’t need too much Carnelian to give us courage during war, however, many of us could use a little help to courageously work our way through the battlefield of life. This stone’s indescribable vibrations bring us positive outlooks on life, bravery and good fortune on both our career paths and in our personal lives. It increases self trust and self belief, which are arguably some of the most valuable traits a person can have.

Helping to illuminate certain triggers for you, the stone can highlight things to work on in your life such as negative conditioning or trauma-based habits. Whilst this can feel uncomfortable at the start, the self trust that the stone evokes will give you the strength to see your healing through to a better place of mental clarity.

Said to protect users against envy, resentment and anger, Carnelian carves a path for us to reach our goals with reduced impact from the negative influences of those whose energy might be working against us.

We know that this is a LOT of amazing properties to take in, but we are not done yet! As well as all of this, there’s something else.

What happens to you when you have increased confidence, you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re achieving and thriving in life?

You become effortlessly more attractive.

Carnelian highlights all of your positive traits and gives you a platform upon which you can shine bright from within. We like to call it natures beauty enhancer, it’s a wonderful stone to work with, so if you haven’t already, make sure you pick some up soon.