Ostara – A Pagan Celebration of Spring

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A very bright blessed Ostara from Magic Spirit.

Ostara is coming, tell your mates

We don’t know about you witches but we are extremely excited for Ostara and the fact that the spring equinox is fast approaching. We can really feel the air begin to warm up, that days are becoming longer, that the wind is less harsh on our skin and the vibrant colours are beginning to return to the trees and plants around us! It’s all some extremely good vibes as far as we are concerned. Ostara is one of our absolute favorite times of the year because it is so reflective of moving forward into light and warmth, leaving behind the cold, dark and strenuous times that prolonged wintertime can instill. In other words, it’s all groovy from now on witches!

We want to share with you our favorite rituals for celebrating Ostara so that you can join us in celebration if you so wish. If you are based in the UK, as we are, Ostara time marks the one-year anniversary of going into full Covid lockdown, let us use this time to set some gorgeous health focused intentions for the coming months as an aid to getting ourselves back on track in the coming months.

If not all of you, then many of you will have grown up celebrating Easter. Much of the symbolism used to celebrate Ostara the goddess of spring time is actually the same as the ones used to celebrate Easter, it’s just that Pagans did it before it was cool. We’re talking eggs, we’re talking rabbits and we’re talking daffodils. The eggs represent fertility and new life, which was an energy frequently channeled and celebrated as we transition into spring time. The rabbit (or hare), is actually said to be an animal that Ostara herself would morph into, also representing fertility, reproduction, new life and motherhood. Finally, daffodils are used as the obvious celebration of spring flowers coming into bloom after the winter months.

Because Ostara is all about new life and spring light taking over from winter darkness, we love Ostara rituals that involve planting new seeds. You can do this in whichever way you like but two of our favorite ways to do this is by carrying out a seed planting ritual, or creating your own magical herb garden that you can use for both your spiritual practice and for cooking.

Seed planting ritual –

  • Choose a seed that you feel most drawn to at this time of year, it could be a herb or a spring time flower.
  • Get yourself a little pot and fill it with planting soil.
  • Push your seed into the pot, in accordance with the seed that you have chosen.
  • Place the pot on your alter whilst watering the seed, focusing on the wonder of growing new life and allowing a feeling of health and abundance to fill you whilst you nurture the seed.
  • Continue to look after the seed until it sprouts! (if your alter is not in the right amount of sunlight for your plant you will have to move it after the initial ritual so that the little bub can grow)

Create a magical herb garden –

  • Dedicate a section of your garden, or a large planting pot to your magical herb garden.
  • Choose which herbs and flowers that you would like to plant. Remember to do this according to the amount of space you have, it’s important not to over crowd your plants so that they can grow big and strong.
  • Plant your herbs and flowers either from seed, or already grown from a garden center.
  • Nurture your plants to good health and use them for all of your favorite rituals and recipes!

We hope that you have some magical Ostara celebrations, and enjoy some seed-planting based rituals!