Heka – 5 Ways to Use Magic to Level the Playing Field

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Heka – 5 Ways to Use Magic to Level the Playing Field


“According to an Egyptian legend, having contemplated creation, the Creator foresaw that all would not be good and felt pangs of remorse. He therefore imbued Earth with heka as a gift to people, so that they might use it to ward off the harsh blows of fate. Magic is the system that attempts to harness this energy.”

– Judika Illes, The Element Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells. London: Harper Collins, 2004.


In her Introduction to The Element Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells, Judika Illes argues that magic has been used and can be used to ease and avoid suffering and tap into the promise and power that the Earth holds in store. Magic has been used for centuries to avoid or cushion the harsh blows of fate.


So, how to tap into this power and use it in the course of daily life? Follow these 5 magical tips and you’ll be well on your way to putting heka to its intended purpose.


  1. Accessing Magic

Magic is all around us in the natural world. Spiritual philosophies across the globe view all natural things as living things – plants and rocks included. You will no doubt know of a few places where magical power is particularly strong. They will be places you’re drawn to, places you love, and places that seem to replenish you each time you visit. The beach I mentioned in my last article is one of mine. Visit the beautiful spots in nature that you love as often as you can to top up your own levels of heka. Get stuck in – climb to the top of the hill for the best view, paddle in the sea or dip your feet in a stream you love, no matter how cold it is!


  1. Maintaining Personal Power

Being part of nature daily should keep your magical energy levels topped up. As well as visiting your favourite magical places whenever you can, try to walk barefoot every now and then, even if it’s just in a garden. This will help ground any stressful energy you may have picked up over the course of a few days in the mundane world. Take crystals into your workplace, and keep them replenished too by taking them home once a week to soak up some sun or moonlight.


  1. Using Magic

Magic spells can take any form you like. You simply do not have to do anything that feels wrong or doesn’t resonate with you. In essence, I would advise setting your intention, gathering your ingredients, deciding when and where to perform your spell and what elements it will have, and getting on with it! In the words of Judika Illes:


“Magic spells come in virtually unlimited form, some dramatic, some shocking, and some perhaps surprisingly mundane. Definitions of exactly what constitutes a magic spell depend a lot upon one’s personal history and experience, the stories you were or weren’t told as a child, and cultural expectations. What separates a magic spell from just any random series of actions is you, your intent, goals and desires.


“A magic spell is a conscious formalized attempt to manipulate magic power and energy (heka) in order to achieve your own personal goal.”

– Judika Illes, The Element Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells. London: Harper Collins, 2004.


  1. Attracting Luck

There are countless age-old charms which you can make or buy to deflect negative attention away from you or your home – witch bottles are a prime example in this country and the Witchcraft Museum at Boscastle has a few very old ones on display. I reckon that attracting luck is more important than deflecting bad luck, so I would recommend turning your horse shoe so that it resembles a ‘U’ – this attracts good things to you. Think of it as a horn of plenty that needs filling! Use natural things in your home to attract luck, prosperity and health – whatever makes sense to you. Here’s my guide to nature’s good luck charms:


  • Birch wood – new beginnings (birch is great for brooms/besoms)
  • Cinnamon – money and male potency
  • Oak leaves – strength and vitality
  • Rose quartz – love and friendship
  • Rowan berries – protection
  • Shells – abundance
  • Stone – strong foundations


  1. Dealing with Negativity

Even the most powerful witches occasionally get a kick up the bum from life. Dealing with life’s harsh blows can be easier with magic on your side, but as I’ve said before, magic should never be used instead of a mundane, practical solution. If in doubt, speak to your chosen deities when faced with a really tough situation, particularly if it involves other people who are having a rough time. Weighing in with a spell when a situation is complex and involves different parties can often lead to more problems, as you won’t know the full story and therefore the ramifications of your actions. My number one way to deal with negativity is to strengthen yourself from within by fortifying and protecting your home or even your bedroom with boundary magic. Your home is your castle, and your retreat. Simply hanging the right herbs above your front door can aid protection – rosemary is traditional, but I like nettle and bramble as well, as nettle is ruled by warlike Mars and bramble is one of the most indestructible native plants in Britain. In all magic to do with dispelling negativity, keep your intention positive – focus on and incant in positive terms – what you want, not what you don’t want – and you should be fine.


Today, we are lucky enough to be able to access magical systems and philosophies from all parts of the globe, using different techniques and ingredients. Spiritual ideas are also becoming more mainstream, so there’s never been a better time to use magic everyday, if need be, to level the playing field and ease the bumps in life’s road.