How to Get What You Want When You Want It: Magical Manifestation

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Getting what you want, when you want it: is it really possible to use magic to solve problems?


I think it is. I believe that a little careful application of will and focus can override a whole host of internal blockages to bring our desires into being – often with almost instant effect.


If you’re familiar with the mythic tales of the Mabinogion, you’ll remember that Rhiannon appeared to Pwyll on her shining white horse as he sat on top of an enchanted mound near Arberth. Beautiful Rhiannon presented a very tantalising prospect indeed for the prince, dressed as she was in golden silk brocade. Yet no matter how hard he drove his horses towards her, she always outstripped him, even though her own horse travelled at no more than a gentle trot. At last Pwyll decided to simply ask her to slow down and wait for him, and herein lies the biggest clue to manifesting what you want using magic: using the power of words.


‘I will, gladly,’ says Rhiannon, ‘and it would have been better for your horse had you asked me long since.”


Their tale brings to mind a very common situation – when that which we really want seems to elude us most – no matter how hard we try to grasp it. Pwyll must have kicked himself when he realised that, not only was Rhiannon very willing to stop and wait for him – she was actually there to seek him out. In fact, Rhiannon wanted to marry him.


With their tale in mind, here are my top tips for manifesting what you really want using magic:


Step 1: Stop trying so hard


The tale of Pwyll and Rhiannon demonstrates that the things we want are already trying to get to us. Ever wondered how nice it would be to have new car, or get a kitten, or move house, only to see adverts for these things everywhere you go? Even when you don’t really, really want something, it finds its way to you. The possibility of it enters your life. That’s why the right people and situations seem to arrive at the right time. But, focus on the negatives, the blockages, and the struggles to overcome before you can get where you’re going, and you’ll increase them. My advice? Let go of these fears and hang ups, and try to go with the flow.


Step 2: Focus on the Positives


Some shamans teach that by thinking about how much we want something, we are focusing on a lack of this thing, and strengthening the belief that we don’t have it, or can’t have it. If you believe in a Law of Attraction, you’ll know that this is very bad mojo indeed. As a way of counteracting this, they advocate questioning yourself  in a way that prompts the subconscious into giving positive answers to the most pressing of concerns. For example:


“How come I will find it so easy to find my perfect house?”

“How come I’m going to get that job I applied for?”

“How come I’m so successful in my new job?”


Give it a try; you may be surprised by how well this works. I was!


Step 3: Remember Rhiannon


Queenly Rhiannon generally displays supreme judgement and poise in the tales of the Mabinogion, and her wisdom is just as keen here. While Pwyll wonders at her ‘obstinacy’ in always keeping ahead of him and his men, Rhiannon is simply waiting for a polite greeting. Her cool head makes her the opposite of hasty Pwyll, and this reminds me of how desire can sometimes overshadow common sense – because we want most what we can’t have. Ask yourself some sensible, down-to-earth questions, (when you’re in a sensible, down-to-earth mood):


“Is what I want possible?”


“Is it really right for me now?”


“What steps do I need to put in place to achieve it?”


“What sort of magical nudge would help most?”


Then you can set about composing the best possible spell to help achieve your dream.


Step 4: Engage Magical Intent


Once you’ve decided to get magic well and truly involved, it’s time to set your goals. The subconscious can’t tell the difference between real life and the imagination – so picturing your desires in as much realistic, accurate detail as possible is paramount. Identifying what you want or need is an important process in manifesting you dreams. Say it out loud, and remember to phrase it around what you do want, not what don’t want, for example: “I want lovely neighbours when I move house” is far superior to “I don’t want horrible neighbours when I move house.” Be realistic and focused – vagueness does not benefit the subconscious or your spellwork.


5. Use Words to Create a Magical Result

Words have a power all of their own. Pwyll demonstrates it, and Western magic, which often emphasises the power of verbal commands over gesture and symbolism (although these are rarely overlooked, and symbolism in particular counts for a great deal), has done the same for hundreds of years. Spells, chants, cantrips, affirmations and prayers make use of this power. Asking for help is also incredibly important. Whether you need to reach a deity, spirit, faery, ancestor, pixie or angel, be sure to let them know exactly what you want, and when you need it by. We all respond better when we have a clear deadline, right?


In summary, I believe that things we want are already on track for finding us. Just as Pwyll sought Rhiannon, she too was seeking Pwyll. The right jobs, houses, relationships and opportunities are constantly aligning themselves with our intent.


So muster your best language, pause to address the world, and call your dreams into being.