Some small ways to honour Beltane this year

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Beltane is a gorgeous, warm and playful Pagan Sabbat that celebrates the peak of spring and the introduction of summer. It is celebrated on May 1st and if you haven’t heard of Beltane before, many of you will have heard it referred to by its alternative name, May day.  It is a festival that honors life and encourages us to really connect with all energies that give life, strengthen our primal urges, nourish the earth and pay attention to the high vibrations of all life forms. During this time, we want to be soaking up all of the natural world’s energy that is vibrating at its highest level as we start to enjoy lighter and longer days, a warmer earth and good vibes are celebrated whilst the gift of fertility takes its place. It’s a light hearted festival all about the high frequency energies of the natural world. We want to be focusing on feelings of passion, joy, sexuality and the intrinsic energies that we reflect from the earth.

Our absolute favorite crystal to use at this time of the year is rose quartz. It is a stone that is just so jam packed with gentle, loving and compassionate energies which makes it the perfect crystal to enhance your Beltane experience. In fact, a lovely little ritual you can you can do at this time of year is to gift a piece of rose quartz to a loved one with the intention that it will inject their life with loving energies as well as strengthening the love that you feel for one another.

Other crystals that we just love to work with during Beltane are emerald, sunstone and garnet as they are wonderful for helping you to lower stress levels and to heal unworked trauma. These things often block us from expressing ourselves freely and taking part in all of the fun, light hearted, loving activities that Beltane brings. These stones are great for incorporating into your daily practice at your altar at Beltane or even just to carry around with you throughout the day.

Flowers are such a great symbol of Beltane so we really encourage you to connect with natural seasonal flowers and plants in the time that surrounds this festival. Picking seasonal flowers and incorporating them with items on your alter is a great way to honour the earths natural beauty and loving/life giving energies. You can also engage with flowers on Beltane by creating masks and lovely flower crowns to wear on your head that further connect you to nature.

You’re going to want to pick Red and green candles for this time of year to place on your alter and to use as part of any rituals or candle spells that you plan on doing for Beltane. The red represents the love, lust, passion, and the high frequency energy of Beltane and the green represents nature, growth and the earth.

We hope that all of you have a gorgeous Beltane with your loved ones this year! And as always, if you’re in need of any witchy products to help you with your celebrations and rituals, just take a look at our shop, where you will find everything that you need and more.