Candle spell for self-love

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“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you going to love somebody else” – famously spoken by the wise Ru Paul.

This candle spell is simple, its accessible for practicing witches of all abilities, and best of all, it promotes self-love within either yourself, or whoever it is that may be in your life that you feel needs a little encouragement in the self-love department at the moment.  This spell is a wonderfully flexible one, you can tailor it to the specific needs of yourself or the person who the spell is for, whether that be for confidence, recognition of their ability and their achievements or just for general feelings of abundance and support from within the specific person. We think that self-love is one of the most important kinds of love to harness, especially at this time of year as it promotes confidence, empowerment, self-awareness, acceptance and clarity as you begin to set new goals on your path.

What we use for this spell –

(Do bare in mind that you can adapt these items for your own specific requirements)

A mirror plate – this is massively useful whilst conducting spells of self-love because its reflective surface casts away all negativity that may be taking hold of you or being sent your way by someone who doesn’t want to see you succeed. Whilst you cast your self-love spell, the mirror allows you to absorb the loving energies of the spell whist protecting you from any bad energy that may be trying to seep in during the spell and after the spell has been practiced.

Pink candle – We love to use a heart shaped candle to strongly attach our intentions to the shape and the colour of it whilst we cast our spell, but of course you can use any candle that you have handy if you need to.

Pink rosebuds – This is the only herb that we will use during this spell, and you only need three of them. However, if you cannot get hold of dry or fresh rosebuds then pink rose petals will work too.

Fire source – Some magical practitioners say that we should only use matches to light our candles. However, we say; whatever works for you! If you have a lighter, go for it.

Toothpicks – We use these to inscribe on the candle, but if you are unable to inscribe on your candle or you don’t have toothpicks, then you will need a pen and a piece of paper.

Love oil – You can make this yourself, there are many recipes online. Or you can purchase it from our shop!

Cleaning cloth – Because if you are a messy witch like we are, you are going to need it!

Step 1 – Cleanse the candle

You’re going to want to cleanse the candle of any unwanted energy. If you haven’t made your candle yourself, it is likely that most haven’t, this is particularly important. You can do this with smoke, sound or just with your own energy using your hands.

Step 2 – Inscribe your intentions

The next thing you’re going to want to do is grab your toothpicks and inscribe upon the energy cleansed candle. You want to be writing your intentions for the self-love spell, whilst feeding the candle with the energy you want to amplify, once you have completed this you can sign your candle with your name. You can then place your candle on your mirror plate or reflective surface. If you’ve opted for the pen and paper option, then you can write your intentions on the paper before putting it UNDER your mirror plate or reflective surface. Once you have placed your paper underneath the mirror, place your candle directly on top.

If you are aiming the spell at another person, you should include their full name and their date of birth before you begin to inscribe your intensions for them.

You can include in your carvings any other imagery or symbolism that you recognise as having deep connections with energies of self-love, this isn’t necessary but don’t be afraid to really make this spell your own.

Step 3 – Anoint with love oil

Once you have a charged and carved candle, it’s time for the love oil. You need to take some of your love oil and rub it between your fingers, again you should be making sure that you’re focusing on your intentions and charging the oil with your energy as you do this. Spell work really is all about the control of energy and intention. Once your oil is sufficiently charged, you want to rub in onto your candle in downward strokes from the top to the bottom. Once this is done you can wash your hands to rid any excess oil.

Step 4 – Fix your candle in place

You have now completed all of the work you are going to be doing on the candle that involves touching it. So, you can now ensure that your candle is fixed to your mirror plate if it is a free-standing candle, you can do this by melting the bottom and allowing the wax to dry the candle onto the mirror.

Step 5 – Incorporate the rosebuds

Take three rosebuds, charge them with your energy and allow them to infuse your spell and intension with their gentle loving energy. One you have done this you can place them onto the mirror plate around the candle to increase the focus of your intentions.

Step 6 – Light the candle

The final step is to light the candle. Take your fire source and hold it to your candles wick whilst focusing on your intentions one again. Repeat them over and over in your mind, or you can incant your intentions out loud.

And that’s it! That is our simple candle spell to harness and promote self-love that can be used for yourself or a loved one whenever you like. Enjoy!