Prophesying the future has been one of the primary functions of the witch, priestess or priest since time immemorial, and the tools used to aid divination vary from the grotesque (bones and entrails) to the sublime (the mirror smooth surface of crystals). Between these opposites we find the bizarre and the downright mundane; fortunes can be told and insight gleaned from cards (cartomancy), stones (lithomancy, runes), sticks (I Ching, dowsing and Ogham), numbers (numerology), books (bibliomancy) and much more besides.

Many witches find that they are naturally inclined towards clairvoyance, often seeing or hearing spirits, and with a keen sense of intuition bordering on foresight. Our psychic powers often require a little enhancement from magical divinatory tools however, and these can include Tarot cards, scrying mirrors or bowls, and crystal balls. Natural, talented mediums often also augment their powers and focus readings with the use of crystals, Tarot cards and similar items. Budding witches may prefer to practise their craft using inexpensive means at first, such as candle wax dripped into a bowl of cold water (ceromancy) or by scrying, which requires just a bowl and some water or black ink.

The art of prediction and prophecy is also beneficial in witchcraft because it helps develop the focus of mind necessary to create powerful, effective spells. Scrying in particular, whether using a crystal ball, scrying mirror or bowl, develops mental discipline and encourages clarity. Clarity in your surroundings is also essential to divination, and the ability to shut out the mundane world and engage with the spiritual is highly important for psychic work and spellwork in general. Try developing ritual around your divinatory practices, such as by burning particular incenses when scrying, or anointing your divinatory tools with magical oils that encourage psychic abilities.

Paradoxically, piercing the veil also requires us to surrender to the illogical and allow the subconscious to take over. For this reason, many magical folk and shamans use intoxicating substances to bridge the worlds – however we certainly don’t condone anything dangerous in your magical activities! The simplest ways to surrender to the subconscious and glean the lessons waiting for us therein are through dreamwork and meditation. Recording your dreams in your Book of Shadows and undertaking meditative journeys will often unearth pertinent messages, patterns and symbols which can be used to further spiritual growth.

When anointing or dedicating divinatory tools, try heady, intoxicating jasmine or purifying frankincense essential oils. Casting your magic circle prior to divination will also encourage purity of thought and a sense of mental focus, and provide a safe space in which you can ‘let go’ and surrender to the hitherto unseen.

We offer a comprehensive range of crystal balls, runes, scrying mirrors and bowls, tarot cards and tarot accessories such as our popular black satin pentacle tarot bags. Everyone, from beginner to advanced magical practitioner, can use and benefit from rune stones and Tarot cards, and how much you learn about them beforehand is entirely up to you. Tarot in particular is incredibly rich in symbolism, and the enormous variety of decks of available means that the perfect deck is probably already out there for you. When looking for the right divinatory tool remember: it is the means to tap into the psychic powers you already possess, using your subconscious as a guide. Your tool should resonate and feel right for you – in this way, you’ll get the most accurate results, enhance your spiritual journey, and develop your repertoire of magical skills beyond the realms of divination.