A reflective ritual for the new year.

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The past two years have been, in no uncertain terms, a challenge for most of us, witches and muggles alike. With obstacles to overcome on a global level as well as personal, most of us are ready to shed the concerns of the past and move forward into a bright future.

With 2021 on its way out, the time has come for us to finally welcome in 2022, so whilst we prepare to move into a new year, it’s important for us let go of that which no longer serves us, express gratitude for the things that do, and move forward with the intention of creating a new chapter for ourselves, full of abundance.

To commemorate this moment, here at Magic Spirit, we would love to share with you a very simple but effective ritual which can be tailored to your specific needs by switching out ingredients as you see fit.

The key to this ritual is time – make sure you have given yourself enough time to connect with yourself, with the earth, and with your own divine power. We have paired each section of the ritual with appropriate candles and crystal magic, which you can imitate or adapt for your own workings.

We find it is helpful to split this ritual into sections so that you can keep your intentions clear and avoid scattered thoughts, the first of which is taking the time to reflect on the past year and everything you have achieved.

Light a white candle, grab which ever reflective aid works best for you (we used selenite), get some paper and a pen and write down all of the ways that you have made yourself proud in 2021. Sit with those feelings for a while, really allow yourself to feel proud and accomplished.

Once you feel you have done this, it’s time to express gratitude for the people, opportunities and places that have brought you joy and abundance this year. Repeat the process whilst focusing on these things.

If you feel as though there are things you desperately need to let go of/move away from, then feel free to repeat the same process with a black candle, and perhaps some black obsidian, whilst listing the things you would like to let go of, and focusing on the feeling of letting go and moving forward – be careful not to sit in anger during these moments, remember that you want to let go.

The sections that come next will be dependent on what you want to attract in 2022, so if you’re looking for stronger self love, or love in general you could repeat the process with a pink candle and some rose quartz whilst writing down ‘I am’ and ‘I have’ sentences referring to the things you want to attract.

You can repeat this for anything you would like to attract, with any other crystal and candle combo – or whichever ingredients that work for you – but make sure that your chosen items correspond with the appropriate properties for your desires.  

Finally, we finished the ritual by pulling a few cards from the tarot deck after asking for guidance for 2022.