It’s often in spell work that we focus on the things that we want to bring into our life, casting spells that help us to make positive additions to our lives or the lives of those around us. But what do we do if there is something negative in our lives that is getting in the way? Blocking the potential for spells that intend to help us? Well, that’s where the banishing spell comes in

Of course, there are other uses for banishing spells, such as ridding people and places of evil energies, people or spirits. If there is anything that you can think of that is unwanted by you, you can rid yourself of it through a banishing spell.

Banishing is one of the core principles that most witches learn to do early on in their studies, but it takes a lot of focus, and as a strong form of defence-based magic, requires you to ponder the banishment very carefully.

Often, witches who want to perform a banishing spell are enthused to do so by a particular conflict which conjures up a whole range of negative feelings, but you’re going to want to be in full control over your feelings to set the correct intention so that they don’t reflect in your magic.

The aim is not to inflict harm, to the person or energy. The banishing spell is simply the act of putting up a wall to that energy, setting a boundary for yourself against unwanted influences.

Magic Spirits favourite quick and easy banishing spell for witches of all abilities.

You can do this spell from the comfort of your own home, using easily accessible ingredients.

Begin by cleansing the energy of your space. There is no point in putting up protective walls around a space that already contains the energy that you are trying to banish. Clean the surroundings, get rid of any unwanted dirt. Get your things in order before finally using the smoke of a sage smudge stick to cleanse the energy on your space.

Have a rumble through your spice cupboard and pull out some cayenne pepper. This carries a lot of hot energy

Then we balance it out with a little bit of white sage, which is a purifying herb.

You can grind these herbs together in your pestle and mortar, or if they are in a fine powdered form already, you can simply do it in the palm of your cupped hand with your finger. You want to be grinding and mixing the herbs in a counterclockwise motion, for this is the direction of banishing.

You take the mixture into your hand if it is not already there, you move out of your cleansed space, focusing on the feeling of expelling the banished energy and all feelings attached to the thing you are banishing, before blowing the mixture from your hand into the wind, and refusing to devote any more energy to the banished.

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