A simple full moon ritual

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As many of you know, the full moon is a massively powerful time of the month. Because of this, we think that it is a perfect time to perform some rituals that will help you to reflect on the month, your goals and dispose of what does not serve you in your life. Many believe that the full moon acts as a giant cosmic spotlight, illuminating all that you need to see in order to know what to give gratitude to, what to remove from your path, and what steps to take next on your journey, all you have to do is take a peek! It is the perfect time for reflection and spiritual cleansing so let us walk you through a nice easy full moon ritual that will help you to do this.

Step 1 – Prep your ritual area

Many pagans carry out their rituals and reflective practices at their altars, which will consist of all the tools and aids that they need to carry out their spiritual practice. But if you don’t have an altar, fear not! The basic items that you need for this ritual is a pen and paper so make sure you have that at the very least, but to ensure that you have a cleansed, peaceful space, try and do these extra things where you can. Fetch a comfy cushion to sit on. Grab yourself a sage smudge stick for cleansing the air. Bring your favorite crystals and place them beside or in front of you. We love rose quartz; which helps to open up our hearts to let loving vibrations in, and clear quartz; which is the master healer, offering healing and clarity. Finally, light yourself some candles.

Step 2 – Meditation

You can use meditation apps or guided mediations on Spotify or YouTube to help you if this is something that you struggle with, but meditation is a wonderful way to prepare your mind for connecting on a deeper level outside of superficial thoughts, which is useful during ritual. It also helps to ground you, so that you can feel centered in the present and reflect upon what is serving you and what isn’t.

Step 3 – Write

After having reflected upon what serves your higher purpose and what doesn’t, write down what you would like to release moving into the coming month. This could be a habit, a person, a situation. Write down what you want to release, why you’ve kept them in your life so far, why you want to let them go and what this is going to look like, and how you are going to do this.

Step 4 – Let it burn

The final step in this ritual is to burn the pages that you have written your releases on. The light of the full moon has purifying energies, as does the heat from the flame of a candle or a fire. So, what we are doing when we are burning the pages is physically releasing what does not serve you whilst attracting purifying energy for you to move forward with.

We hope that you enjoy this nice and simple full moon ritual! Let us know how it goes.