How to spiritually self-care

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Spiritual self-care is all about maintaining good spiritual balance. As many of us know, balance is the key to a happy life, we strive for emotional balance, we are conscious of consuming balanced diets and we balance our time between the things that are important to us as best we can, because we know these things will make us happy. Why is it then, that we so often neglect efforts to keep our spirituality balanced, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and a little stagnant. Here at Witches Cauldron, we think that spiritual self-care and balance is so important that we are going to share with you our favorite ways to restore balance and take care of our spiritual selves.

Having a daily spiritual practice, a routine that you know works for you individually, is one of the best ways that you can self-care spiritually. It ensures that every day you are taking the time to maintain your spiritual health, and gives you the chance to balance, connect, breathe and reflect before everyday life events become too much and begin to overwhelm you. Whatever it is that brings you peace is what you should be incorporating into your personal daily spiritual practice. If you don’t already have one, try out a few different things such as, meditation, reflective exercises, writing or spells that focus on your personal intentions, it can be as big or as small as you like. Once you have found what works for you, your daily practice will help to ground you and give you balance and strength as you move forward every day.

For many years we have used forms of journaling as a way to reflect, pass down information, experiences, moral teachings and stories. From drawings on cave walls to ancient scriptures, the passing down of written experience has helped our societies to evolve and learn about themselves and where they come from in a big way. The same goes for us when we write in our journals about daily life. We can learn a lot about our own feelings, mental processing and spiritual path from writing a little every day about what we experienced, how we respond to events and what we are grateful for that day. Keeping a journal is a big step in spiritual self-care because it is a time for reflection, checking in on yourself and giving yourself the space to be heard by the one person who is able to take care of you the best; you! It is also an incredible tool to help you to see how far you have come in your spiritual practice.

It goes without saying that spending time in nature brings all living beings both peace and invigoration, all at the same time. We find that it is rare in life for something to offer such a beautiful contradictive duality of positive influences. The best part about it is that nature is completely free and fairly easily accessible by most people. Whether you have access to the tree laced parks of urban areas, or if you are lucky enough to be blessed by the abundance of nature that the country side has to offer, you should make it a priority to get out into nature as often as you can, every day wherever possible. connecting with nature and using the five elements of mother nature to assist us on our spiritual paths and helps us to become attune to the patterns and cycles of the earth, potentially giving us guidance within our own lives. Not only this, but when we are spending time in nature, we are often moving our bodies, absorbing the light from the sun into our skin and breathing in air from the trees that surround us. This is why nature helps us to regulate our physical bodily systems which work alongside our spirituality.

Have you ever noticed that when you cleanse your space, your ability to relax increases tenfold? There is a reason for this, having a space that has some order helps your mind to have some order, which of course then enables you to be more spiritually at peace. Now we aren’t suggesting that you must keep your homes and work spaces like show rooms or you will never know spiritual health, we are merely suggesting that to cleanse or tidy your space to the extent that you feel more peaceful sets the foundation for you to be able to build spiritually. Whether you are a clutter queen or a minimalist madam, you will know what the right level of cleanse is for you. Always ensure that you are giving yourself the cleanliness that you need to declutter your mind and remain balanced and peaceful on your journey.

Our final piece of advice for you today is to seek out what makes you feel positive and continuously endeavor to feed your spirit with that, as frequently as you can. This will vary from person to person and will really involve you knowing yourself and what brings you joy. If you are someone who has a life abundant in positive influence the chances are that you already do this either consciously or naturally, this is wonderful! Keep going! However, if you are someone who finds yourself blocked in the way of positivity, or that bad things have a natural way of finding their way into your life, we empathise with you and we would love to offer a little advice. Go out and move through the world they way that you normally would, pay attention to the times that you feel most peaceful or joyful, so that you can start incorporating easy everyday things into your life that make you happy. If you struggle to find things, start introducing new experiences, paying attention to whether or not they are bringing you positivity. From there you will be able to slowly build a bank of things that you know that you can do to enhance your life with some sweet positive energy!

We hope that this has been helpful, thanks for reading, and we will see you very soon!