Earth is our own body

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When you need someone because you are panicked, scared, anxious, depressed and alone and there’s no one there, know that you can be there for yourself. There are several ways in which you can help yourself to heal yourself. Be your own friend, be your own mother, love and nurture yourself. In today’s society we are taught that to love one’s self is to be arrogant, selfish and cock sure. This is simply not true, you must put yourself first, be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, give yourself praise, give yourself the advice you would give others, and forgive yourself. A well balanced body means a balanced mind; so take time to eat nutritious foods, get eight hours sleep, stretch your muscles, take regular walks in a park, avoid stress and confrontation, drink lots of water, treat yourself from time to time and occasionally discipline yourself – Stop believing that the world is out to get you and accept the love that people show you. Listen to your dreams; your subconscious mind is trying to work out your problems. The brain is like a computer; it sometimes makes faulty connections and needs direction. To heal yourself, you must change your behaviour and recondition yourself. Repetition is the only way. Affirmations and chants, meditations and a well rested body are key.

You can heal yourself through release. Cry, open your heart to others and share your story. Speaking the words instead of holding them back could unblock the passage, un-do the knot and free your voice. Don’t forget to breath; many of us have bad breathing hygiene, you must learn to breathe again. Stress makes us catch our breath in our throats, our chest tightens and the breath quickens. We access our sympathetic nervous system and fight or flight instincts kick in. Work with your breath, know that you are in no immediate danger, feel your body grow as the air expands your lungs and then push your abdomen in and up as you exhale.  You are surrounded by this unseen gas which oxygenates your blood; let it enter your body freely, without restriction. Watch your breath and direct this energized blood to the area of disease or unbalance. Rest your right hand on this area and feel the heat of the healing energy. Your heart will slow and become stronger over time with the breath controlled. Heal yourself with the breath, work with Prana and Chi.

There are many people who grow up without a mother or without the mother they needed. These people have to learn to be independent and take care of themselves. The situation is not fair, but it’s possible to be a wonderful presence for yourself – your own guardian angel. Trust yourself and aspire to be like no one else, and only work towards being your own ideals. Sometimes we all need to talk to the child within ourselves and treat it with compassion and respect. Always remember you are worthy of your own love and that of others. The more you heal yourself, the more capable you become at helping others. At no point must you let another person’s negativity into your body and mind; it will decay your soul and rip apart your own good work. Put your barriers up; like a shield it will protect you and deflect the insecurity and condition which they throw at you – right back at them. Self healing is a concept not unfamiliar to Pagan’s and those who follow the New Age movement. Mother yourself but also know that The Great Mother herself is always there for you, under your feet. Selene: the moon shall always be watching over you when you sleep. Ra: the sun is always shining on you and keeping you warm. It doesn’t matter how alone you feel or where you are in the world, this will always be true.

Mother Earth and humanity are meant to serve each other. We and She are one. If we can heal ourselves; we can heal the Earth. We separate ourselves from Her and “the wild” when we really need to be close to Her, communicate with Her and honour the collective subconscious.  On a spiritual dimension the Earth is a Goddess. Many Pagans choose to call Her Gaia, yet in the bubble of reality which we create for ourselves She is only a planet (one which we are destroying.)  The people of the New Age movement are trying to assist with Her healing. But we must spread the word! Heal yourselves to heal the world – awaken from the dormancy of death.  There are many energy and light workers who believe that by harnessing the collective energy of the human mind, and directing the same intention and will towards the Earth could heal Her.  There is much talk of Geopathic stress and the release of this. Some feel this may be possible by using acupuncture on the Earth along the meridians. This medicine may work in the same way and have the same effect as it does on human beings. This theory illustrates our planet being a macrocosm of our body which is the microcosm to that.