Mabon Approaches

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As Mabon approaches, for our first entry in the magic spirit blog, we wanted to wish all our pagan customers, new and old, a vary happy harvest season and explain what this spoke on the great pagan wheel means to us.

In times of old, Mabon, also called The Autumn Equinox, was the time of year when it was time to bring in the harvest, a time of thankfulness at what the gods had given, and a time to prepare for the coming winter months and the hardship that would inevitably bring.

Pagans of today perhaps don’t face the harvest with the same dependence as we once did, but thankfulness of what we are given still exists, it has just changed form.

Mabon is the point on the great turning wheel where the day and the night are of equal length, lending us to reflect on the need to balance and to evaluate what is important to us. It is a good time to start new venture and polish off old ones.

This leads me to comment on Magic Spirit new website, we have redesigned it to reflect more of the true essence of paganism and hope this will accurately reflect more of what the pagan belief is all about. We hope you enjoy browsing our shop and thank you for Visiting.