The empowerment of objects

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Objects of power have been used in many ancient Pagan cultures and are still used within religious and ceremonial practices today, for instance: the pentacle, Thor’s hammer or the cross. Also images of power are regularly used and evoke feelings of love, protection or fear, such as: Cernunnos, the Virgin Mary, or the Devil (in a Christian’s case).  People have kept objects such as, charms for good luck, amulets to gain something and talismans to ward something for millennia. These objects are not merely representations of the powers they believe in, but they are physical tools which they keep on their person because they hold divine power which will help them in some way. Everyone has an object which is their prize possession, a special thing or image which has the power to comfort them or protect them.  It has this power because they believe it does, and this is where the manifestation of an objects empowerment begins. Many people who are not sensitive, spiritual or involved with the New Age movement will not appreciate the thinking that an object has its own spirit – They see the material as dead matter. Within the animistic tradition however, all objects are seen as alive and having a spirit.  Once an idea is born, the thought seed has already been planted within the cosmic energy and the intention is realised.
All things have energy and a potential. When choosing an object to empower, you should think of its intended use and the purpose of its creation. It should conjure potent emotions within you and have strong connections and associations with its corresponding use – think of its symbolism.  Many shamanic fetishes are formed in this way, they serve as a connection or link between nature and spirit and its custodian.  Once an object has been found or created, it is not yet empowered; it must be awakened and activated. Although some objects transformation from a state of sleep to an awakened and empowered one can simply come from it being used repeatedly over a long period of time, despite its symbology or correspondence being weak, and it not becoming cognized in a ceremonial way.  One metaphorical description is that: a musical instrument is not activated until a person uses their energy to help create the sound. However we must not forget that, of course; it is possible to be given an empowered object when journeying. This object does not have a physical body but is just as powerful all the same. It is also possible to find an object when journeying which one may wish to empower. Wherever you seek out your object, a relationship must be established with it; it must speak to you and you must be prepared to commune with it regularly. The moment one strikes a relationship with the object is the beginning of its consecration. (A Pagan or witch may empower any ceremonial object using the steps described in this writing).
Your own belief imbues an object with energy, however an object/s particularly of a natural or untainted substance will resonate a certain energy anyway. Putting more than one substance together will change the frequency it resonates as a whole.  Once an object has been chosen the next step is to perform an activation ceremony. This is sometimes done by a chant or prayer being said over it and asking the Gods to bless it. Whilst your energy flows into it, your mind is firmly focused on thinking of its intended purpose and its reason of existence. This is sometimes seen as drawing the spirit into the object, the material substance acting as a body for the newly formed spirit to possess. This “new spirit” must be fed with your own energy so that it can stay alive and empowered. It is important to interact with it or use it regularly as this will reaffirm its purpose – You and this material body are its anchor to this plane. It exists in a space between this world and the astral, or within the essence of nature; depending on your belief system and why it was created. After time you will become aware of its voice and intelligence. It has become a scared object and a doorway or tool to reach the spirit worlds. Pagans and witches will know that there are some objects which can make you feel ill and must be avoided. The care of your own empowered object must be of priority as it is such a part of you and a sacred tool.
Good luck with finding your object and empowering it – try looking in some Pagan shops, new age shops, on the beach, in the forest, or wherever you are drawn to.  
Beth Champion