Many people are tuning back towards paganism for answers to questions about the future. Paganism is a religion that helped people make sense of the world those many thousands of years ago, and it is still helping people today.  To be pagan it is to understand how our planet functions, to live in harmony with the earth and not destroy it – A Pagan must be an eco warrior!  It is your duty to learn ways in which you can work with the earth using the resources the Great Mother and Father have provided, without leaving a mark that is a forever and permanent stain.  

There are numerous ways in which you can do this: recycle and use recycled products, use household cleaning products which contain no harmful substances (make your own using, white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice), buy hybrid solar lamps/torches, solar chargers, invest in a energy calculator to find out electricity usage for each appliance, hang clothes to dry outside instead of using a tumble dryer, don’t forget to switch the lights off when you leave a room, get a warm drink and a blanket when your cold instead of turning the thermostat up, check out green buying guides before spending your cash on your next laptop, refrigerator or TV.

There are truly many ways in which you can help the cause, especially if you think outside the box. Next time it comes around to buying new flooring; think about buying all natural carpet or cork. In the garden you can help by using a compost bin, rain water collector, planting your own herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and don’t forget to companion plant and never use harmful pesticides. Cover the vegetables with pots or netting to keep the birds off them, in the winter cover them with fleece. You could try smearing Vaseline around the tops of the container planted greens, or even welcome some lovely hens or ducks in to the fray to keep the slugs away. When it’s time to pick your herbs don’t forget to use the Bolline (white handled knife) if they’re to be used in any magical workings. For new comers – you can pick one of these up at your favourite online Pagan or New Age shop.

Don’t forget about the birds and the bees; its relatively easy to make your garden appeal to wild birds, simply put out some bird seed, meal worms, fat-balls, peanuts, and make fresh water and nest boxes available. Especially consider the poor little Sparrow whose feed can be tailored towards his needs. Try growing honey suckle and other climbing plants as these attract insects. Bees are attracted by the colour blue; it would be wise to think about planting things which flower throughout the spring and summer months (including the June gap), and as far into autumn as possible so that they have pollen rich flowers to visit throughout.  Borage, mint, Lavender and Vipers Bugloss, and plants with deep or bell-shaped flowers are all especially good for bees.

If you had a bit more money to spend you could adapt your house to become eco friendly.
There are many gadgets and ever developing technology to help cut down bills, but more importantly to help us become a more self sufficient people. We are becoming more independent and free from government rule. It is important to celebrate science working with nature; everyone must see how Paganism has moved with the ages and changed very little. Its teachings will always be current and relevant as long as the Earth lives.

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