Rituals for Aries season

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Aries season is all about setting new goals as we move into a new zodiac year whilst we harness the fiery go-getting energy of the ram. Aries, falling between the 21st of march and the 20th of April, is a fire sign, meaning that it is filled with passionate and strong-willed influences. As Aries is the very first season in a new zodiac year, it is the perfect time to really take advantage of that Aries energy to get the most out of life. This article outlines some of our favorite tips and tricks that can help you on your way through Aries’ season.

We are all about completing rituals that support this wonderful, progressive, wave-making energy. At this specific time of year, we are especially focused on channeling our energy to spiritual practices that really lend themselves to making new personal goals and strengthening belief in yourself such as journal manifesting, mind mapping and candle rituals.

Journal manifesting

If you’re at all into the law of attraction as part of your spiritual practice then this sort of manifestation won’t be new to you, but it is still very effective. Journal manifesting is the act of writing down your desires, feeling as though you already are receiving those desires and then writing down how it feels to be receiving whatever it is that you want to manifest. All you need is a pen and paper, and you can do this every day to keep you focused on your goals this Aries season!

Mind mapping and vision boarding

Similarly, to the journal manifesting, the process of creating vision boards and mind maps is to focus on what you would like to attract into your life whilst instilling a sense of belief that your journey will take you there. This is a much more visual version of a manifesting ritual, so if you are a creative and visual person then this option might be for you. You should create image focused complications of goals and desires either on paper or on something like Pinterest. During the process of this creation burn appropriate scents, and remain focused on your intentions. When you are done, make sure that you put the board up somewhere where you can see it every day, so that you can keep focused, on track and in line with your path, goals, and desires.

Candle rituals

We LOVE a candle ritual here at Magic Spirit! They are so simple, yet so effective and they can be as long or as short as you like. Light your favorite candle, you can assign coloured candles to different things you would like to attract if that is helpful, there are many videos online that will help you to assign the correct colours. But In the interest of keeping things simple, any candle will do. Once the flame is lit, focus on what you want and allow yourself to feel the what it’s like to have already received your desires. Once you are filled with the feeling of receiving desires and achieving your goals, write them down on a bay leaf before setting the leaf to the flame, and watching it burn away.