Supercharge Your Spells with Sea Magic

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Supercharge Your Spells with Sea Magic


“Magic is the art of working with the forces of Nature to bring about necessary changes. That is magic, pure and simple. The forces of Nature… are expressed in the Earth, Air, Fire and Water…”

– Scott Cunningham, Earth Power. USA: Llewellyn Publications, 2003.


There’s a myth that Eskimos have 30 words for snow, which would be pretty impressive, if it were true. But the Greeks had 50 goddesses of the sea that represented everything from foam to sand to very salty sea water, and presided over various seafaring skills. The Nereids were sea nymphs, sometimes portrayed as beautiful maidens, and sometimes half maidens, half fish – mermaids, in other words. And well might the sailors and fishermen of ancient times have needed this dedicated crack team on their side. Without some of our modern technologies, the sea would have been ridiculously dangerous and would have seemed unfathomable – if you’ll pardon the pun. This should put it into perspective: most of what we know about the Greeks’ trading habits has been discovered through analysing their shipwrecks.


These days, we’ve managed to make seafaring a bit safer, although the sea is still dangerous. The real difference between us and the ancients is that we have glimpsed its depths, something our ancestors could not have done. Having explored just 5% of the ocean, we have still seen a lot more of the deep sea than the ancient Greeks. Although the sea was a big part of life for many ancient peoples, providing food, transport, and opportunities for trading, it was also a great mystery.


“The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms. Throughout history, the ocean has been a vital source of sustenance, transport, commerce, growth, and inspiration.”

–        National Ocean Service (USA) –


Did you know that we have no way of telling how old a lobster is? In theory, they could live forever unless killed – we just don’t know if they die of natural causes. And each time they shed their shells, they gain 50% in body size. They live on the ocean floor, so we don’t know if there are massive ones skittering about in the depths. No wonder the Greeks needed a Nereid of sea monsters – Keto.


I’m very excited because I’m going on holiday this week, to stay at one of my favourite beaches in Britain. As a water sign, I draw energy from water, so this trip will be a massive recharge. I always think a lot about Nereids and mermaids when I go. Something about the view of the vast bay makes me imagine mermaids swimming in it. Magic always seems close at hand there. When I was about 11, I spent hours on the beach one day merrily ‘connecting’ with Poseidon, and at the end of the day, found a shell with green, blue and purple mother of pearl inside it. I took it home of course, knowing that this was my shell, and it was a gift. Isn’t it great being young and not second-guessing your intuition?


Connect with the Nereids to understand the sea’s bounty, power, and for protection when you or others are at sea. Thetis is their leader, so if in doubt, petition her. She was the mother of Achilles, and it was she who dipped him in the river Styx in order to make him immortal, holding him, of course, by his heel, which was later his undoing.


To bring the power of the Nereids into your home, make a necklace from fifty shells with holes already worn into them by the sea – one to represent each goddess. The act of collecting all these shells will help you connect with the natural energies of the sea and the shore. Or, make a trident from driftwood or something representative, such as wire. You could hang shells and blue ribbons on your trident and use it to adorn your altar, or direct power in magical ritual. Tridents or three-pronged spears were both fishing tools and weapons, so they embody the dual aspects of the sea – it helps us survive by providing food, but is also dangerous. The sea gives; the sea takes away. We must learn to protect ourselves in order to survive, and sometimes this means giving a good fight. Having 50 goddesses on your side would tend to add an advantage, though! Use your trident in protection spells or to attract abundance.


The sheer power of the sea can be called on in magical workings. Just tap into it with your imagination before commencing a ritual to energise you. Picture the amazing force in every wave, in every swirling undercurrent right down to the ocean floor. This can charge whatever you do with extra magical power.


Happy shell-hunting!